Uncommon Wealth Podcast

Everyone dreams of living an uncommon life. And the reality is- the best asset you have to achieve your dreams is you! Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast. We’re going to introduce you to people who are living uncommonly. We’re also going to give you some tools and strategies for building wealth and for walking down an uncommon path that is uniquely right for you.

Episode 106

Service Those Who Have Served

Service to our country creates a debt that can never truly be repaid. And the toll on those who serve can often be debilitating, making it difficult for veterans to re-acclimate to a life beyond service…

Episode 105

Introducing Simple Steps

You don’t always have 30 minutes to invest in a podcast and, although we like a deeper conversation as much as the next guy, we want to be in on the short and sweet option as…

Episode 104

Fresh Fit Meals

When times are tough, the tough find opportunity. Buying a business in themiddle of a pandemic can be a dicey proposition, especially a food-basedbusiness that had already seen a 75% drop in revenue. But our guest…

Episode 103

Inflation and the Economy

Sometimes the complexities of the economy seem too much to understand let alone react to. But as entrepreneurs, business owners, and even just citizens, understanding what drives inflation and other economic activity (and sometimes more importantly,…

Episode 102

Cybersecurity with Sheldon Speers

When you’re trying to get your business off the ground, the thought of protecting your data and systems against all the tech savvy bad actors out there may seem daunting. Making matters worse, a recent Forbes…

Episode 101

Digital Banking With Qube

Ryan Garvey, our in-house Qube expert, joins us to talk about how easy it is to start finding freedom through budgeting using the accounts and tools from Qube Money.  FREE UPGRADE: To receive a free two-month…

Episode 100.5

Bonus: 100th Episode Look Back

Here it is! The super not-so-secret 100 ½ bonus episode where we hit up a series of questions that just didn’t make the primetime show. In this episode Phillip and Bryan tell us their ideal theme…

Episode 100

100th Episode: A Look Back

Join us as we celebrate the Uncommon Life Project’s 100th podcast episode! Guest interviewer Ben Fust joins Phillip and Bryan to talk about their most memorable moments including favorite guests, who they’d love to follow up…

Episode 99

Give Me Three Months

Is this really going to work? Pursuing your passion and turning it into a way of life sounds great, but it inevitably leads you to the last final leap, the point where the reality of risk…

Episode 98

Standing Out in College Admissions

If the target college for your kids  is Ivy League, medical or some other elite school, it will take more than perfect grades and high test scores to be noticed in the admissions process. Numbers are…

Episode 97

Budgeting as a Power Move

Episode 96

Spinning Plates

Taking control of your finances can often feel like a Vaudeville act, spinning a plate on one side of the stage, running full on the other way to spin another, darting back and forth to keep…

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