Uncommon Wealth Podcast

Everyone dreams of living an uncommon life. And the reality is- the best asset you have to achieve your dreams is you! Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast. We’re going to introduce you to people who are living uncommonly. We’re also going to give you some tools and strategies for building wealth and for walking down an uncommon path that is uniquely right for you.


Money Mindset – Part Two

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth podcast, we continue our Money Mindset series discussing the power of compounding, the importance of accumulating wealth versus staying wealthy, and the significance of making wise investment decisions. We’ll…


After the Interview: Robert and Dan Cramer

In this bonus discussion, we react to our episode 193 interview with Robert and Dan Cramer of Cramer and Associates.


Cramer and Associates

Robert Cramer and Dan Cramer are second-generation leaders of Cramer and Associates, a family-founded construction company specializing in bridge and culvert building. Following the entrepreneurial spirit of their fathers, both Robert and Dan have advanced the…


Simple Step: Know Yourself

In this episode’s simple step, we’re talking about how to use personality frameworks to better understand your unique traits. Popular tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC profile, and the Enneagram can be valuable to…


After the Interview: Tom Hay

In this bonus discussion, we react to our episode 191 interview with Tom Hay of Hay Window Cleaning.


Hay Window Cleaning

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth podcast, we had the pleasure of introducing Tom Hay, the entrepreneurial mind behind Hay Window Cleaning. Tom’s journey began at the tender age of twelve when he was pulled…


Money Mindset

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth Podcast, we’ll tackle the complex and often personal relationship people have with money. We discuss the influences that shape our financial perspectives, the role of luck in investing, and…


After the Interview: Wiebe Goodyk

In this bonus discussion, we react to our episode 189 interview with Wiebe Goodyk, owner of Pella Building Systems.

Episode 189

Storage Units

Wiebe Goodyk, owner of Pella Building Systems, shares his uncommon path to success in the storage unit industry. After college, Wiebe joined his father’s business and quickly developed a passion for storage units. Following his father’s…

Episode 188

Thankful List of 50

In this week’s simple step, we’re challenging you to figure out what you’re thankful for, write it down, and take some action on it.  Let us know if anything surprised you about your list! 

Episode -1

After the Interview: Mike Bartos

In this bonus discussion, we react to our episode 187 interview with Mike Bartos, owner of Power Center Weights. 

Episode 187

Power Center Weights

Mike Bartos, owner of Power Center, shares his uncommon journey in the strength training industry. From starting as a gym owner to creating and selling his own equipment, Mike has faced challenges and taken risks to…

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