Uncommon Wealth Podcast

Everyone dreams of living an uncommon life. And the reality is- the best asset you have to achieve your dreams is you! Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast. We’re going to introduce you to people who are living uncommonly. We’re also going to give you some tools and strategies for building wealth and for walking down an uncommon path that is uniquely right for you.


Simple Step: What Are You Creating?

In this Simple Step episode, we want to know what you are actively bringing into existence, both personally and professionally. We explore the idea of creating a lifestyle centered around serving others and how this can…


Bring The Party

Welcome to another episode of the Uncommon Wealth podcast, featuring the charismatic Clife Estores, a DJ who has turned the art of partying into a thriving business. This episode dives into the behind-the-scenes of DJing, entrepreneurship,…


REPLAY: Golden Handcuffs

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth podcast, host Philip Ramsey and co-host Arron Kramer are joined by Stephen Smith, creator of Cajun Fest and founder of Rework. They discuss the concept of “golden handcuffs” and…


David Barwin: Thinking Big

In this episode of the Uncommonwealth podcast, host Phillip Ramsey welcomes the multifaceted David Barwin for a deep-dive into his unique journey and the roles that shape his life. As a guiding figure in the world…


Replay: Power of a Supportive Spouse

We’re replaying this one for you this week because it’s so important. If you heard it the first time around, feel free to give it a listen again. If not, take it in fresh and let…

Episode 201

8 Minutes

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth podcast, hosts Phillip Ramsey and Arron Cramer discuss the power of a simple text message that says “Do you have eight minutes?” They explore how just eight minutes of…

Episode 200

200th Episode

As the Uncommon Wealth Podcast hits a monumental 200 episodes, we’re treating you to a reflective and behind-the-scenes look at the heart and evolution of the show. Bringing in special guest Ben Fust, we dive into…


Building a Financial Services Business

In this revealing episode, we offer an inside look at how financial practices are built, how advisors get started, and the challenges they face within the industry. Their personal experiences and decisions highlight the importance of…

Episode 198

Money Mindset Part 3

Join hosts Phillip Ramsey and Arron Cramer on the Uncommon Wealth podcast as they delve into the third part of the series on how to think about money. In this episode, we’ll explore the concept of…


Simple Step: Eliminate the Noise

In this Simple Step episode, we talk about the vital practice of maintaining focus on your financial objectives, finding value in the commitment to your financial plan and the importance of resilience against distractions that lead…


After the Interview: Nick Darland

In this bonus discussion, we react to our episode 195 interview with Nick Darland of HomeRevisions, LLC.

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