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Am I Doing This Right?

When thinking about your lives and careers, have you ever wondered, “Am I Doing This Right?”. If so, you’re not alone, and interestingly, the answers to this question aren’t unique by your line of work, experience level, or natural abilities. In fact, the kind of advice that can jump start the first ten years of your career turns out to be just as valuable in the last ten.

This week we’re talking with Tony Thelen, Matthew Mitchell and Jeffrey Kappan, authors of “Am I Doing This Right”. We’ll discuss how the pandemic and a couple of chance connections brought these fellas together and the book to life. Plus, the process of taking advice and stories from tons of leaders and thinkers and steeping that down to something practical and tangible, as well as the gifts of being able to impact the lives of others and enjoy the journey that you’re on.
To order the book, go to doingthisrightbooks.com