Uncommon Wealth

You are your best asset - Invest in yourself!

by Phillip Ramsey & Bryan Dewhurst

Why we wrote the book

At the intersection of financial planning and the pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams, Uncommon Wealth offers a clear set of tactics to help anyone in any stage of life begin building residual income through a customized, whole-life financial plan.

What people are saying

Neithy Stout

Uncommon Wealth Client

I felt I had a solid financial plan for my family. We had plenty of protection and we were maxing out our retirement savings. Then a colleague gave me a copy of the Uncommon Wealth book. It quickly reminded me that we were stuffing money away for a far-off retirement instead of investing in ourselves now. My husband has an amazing talent for restoring cars, but he was wasting his time and energy on a 9-5 that was not fulfilling or utilizing his God-given gifts. In just a couple of weeks, we were investing in passive income streams that will replace my husband’s income and, most importantly, provide us the freedom to invest in his passion.

Josh Dunwoody

Uncommon Wealth Client

In Uncommon Wealth, Phillip and Bryan have laid out the case for redefining what wealth is and how to leverage it as a life-giving opportunity for now as well as the future. But they don’t stop there. They include a tangible action plan to get you started on your own uncommon journey. Along the way, they take a topic that often feels overwhelming and make it accessible, easy to understand, and even inspiring! If you feel like the normal approach of scrimping, saving, and hoping leaves a lot to be desired in your financial approach, you need to read this book. Welcome to the Uncommon Life.