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Turn the Paige

The Uncommon Path is rarely a straight one. It’s full of twists, turns, difficult decisions and occasionally a few mufflers dragging behind your car. No one knows this more than Paige Witte, Owner of Emerald Benefits and traverser of her own uncommon path.

In this episode, we talk with Paige about her journey from radiation therapist to employee benefits broker and business owner, and all the mufflers in between. We touch on overcoming anxiety before the big leap, how success can bring golden-handcuff offering suitors, planning beyond partnerships and what it’s like to have to fire your first employee. Plus, how sometimes the easiest way to sort through a difficult problem is to just ask your 8 year old.

For more information on Emerald Benefits go to emerald-benefits.com.

Also, if you’ve ever been faced with a complicated decision and found simple wisdom in a surprising place, we’d love to hear it! Shoot us an email at podcast@uncommonwealth.com with your story.