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Must Have Plans

Turning dreams into uncommon realities isn’t done by magic or secret method. In fact, the key first step is probably one of the most unsexy but imperative parts of the whole thing: You need a plan. Not just any plan, of course, but a financial plan that is simple to understand (if not always simple to come up with or execute), able to adapt to curveballs and opportunities, and complete enough to allow you to know where you’ll be in the days, months and years ahead.

This week we’re talking about the ins and outs of a solid financial plan, including how getting the right one clears the path for you to be able to bet on yourself (and perhaps even help your prudent spouse get comfortable with some of the apparent unknowns on the uncommon journey ahead). Plus, how Uncommon Wealth Partners approaches financial planning, how lower planning fees give us a front-row seat to help some awesome folks that higher-entry planning fee firms would exclude, and the value of using money as a tool to reach your goals, not the end goal itself.

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