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Golden Handcuffs

Is it possible to be held back in life by work that pays too well and is too easy? The uncommon answer is…of course! This is because what we do isn’t just an exchange of time for money, it’s an opportunity to pursue passion, to use our gifts and talents in service to the world, and to do something meaningful. 

This week, we’re talking with Stephen Smith (of Reworc and Cajun Fest fame) about golden handcuffs and how modern day employment is the great domestication of man (c’mon you have to listen to see what that’s all about!). Plus, re-thinking strategies that motivate productive work and a key tip for those in the corporate world to kickstart their way to something different without leaving their chair. 

To learn more about Stephen you can find him on LinkedIn or at reworc.com

We’d love to hear your escape from golden handcuffs story! Shoot as an email at podcast@uncommonwealth.com