Does Your Business Offer a Retirement Plan?

How is your business set for funding your retirement plan and the retirement plans of your employees? This can be a solid benefit for employees, but what is the right instrument for your situation? We work with several IRA-based plans, including Payroll Deduction IRAs, SEP, and Simple IRAs. There are also 401(k) Safe-Harbor plans that…

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7 steps to starting a nonprofit organization

When one of our principals got invited to sit on the board of the Fletcher Foundation, they were so honored and excited. They were there early on, so they got to see and be a part of starting a nonprofit organization. Don’t get us wrong, there are challenges, but if your deep passion meets the…

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Recently, a good friend of mine lost his father and it made me think about how important life is. It brought me back to an article I read about how important “the dash” is in your life. The dash is the dash used on your tombstone between the year you were born and the year…

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Foundations, Charities and Cryptocurrency

Despite the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies, many businesses and organizations still have not taken the plunge both in using and accepting this new form of currency. The volatility, newness and seeming complexity of getting started are real barriers to entering this new market. However, many people have made large sums of money on the…

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generational differences


I have noticed an interesting trend over the past few years. It seems to me that more and more people are being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Just like my grandparent’s generation, the younger generation today seems to be more and more focused on starting their own entrepreneurial enterprise instead of working for someone else.…

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The five wishes


As you plan for your future, we feel like it is important to think about things as if the worst case scenario were to happen. As you probably already could guess, we feel it is important to have your wills, trusts, and health initiatives written out with a lawyer. But one thing that we have…

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Eternal Retirement


We want to illustrate for you, with some stories, a couple of the reasons that we are in the business we are in. But first, you must understand that we at Uncommon Wealth Partners are Jesus followers.We believe that there is an eternity and we aren’t afraid to tell people about the faith that we…

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Family conversation

Many advisors say they do Estate/Legacy planning for families, but here at Uncommon Wealth Partners we do Estate/Legacy planning a little differently. It seems like when we talk to someone about their legacy or wealth transfer to the next generation, they want to figure out the best way to leave only their money. There is…

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What will you leave behind?

Talking about your legacy can be a daunting task, but having a plan about what is going to happen with all of your things can be the biggest gift to your family. I’m sure you know people who don’t talk to their siblings today because of something that happened when their parents passed away. It…

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