Eternal Retirement

eternalWe want to illustrate for you, with some stories, a couple of the reasons that we are in the business we are in. But first, you must understand that we at Uncommon Wealth Partners are Jesus followers.We believe that there is an eternity and we aren’t afraid to tell people about the faith that we have. We are confident in the work that Jesus has done for us and we know that we will always fall short. But because of Jesus’ sacrifice, He has paid the price of our debt and now we get to have eternal life with the God of the Universe because of what He has done. If you share that same faith, we couldn’t be happier. If you don’t share that same faith, we will be respectful and hear how you came to the conclusions you did. We aren’t afraid to proclaim what we believe and we respect that other people have different views.

With that in mind, we know the importance of planning for the future, but maybe even more important is planning for eternity, as is illustrated by our first story.

One Sunday in church, a pastor stood on the stage with a long rope. The rope was so long that it ran off the stage and seemed to have no end. He was holding the start of the rope and challenged everyone to pretend that the rope didn’t have an end, just a beginning. About two feet from the beginning of the rope was a red line. He pointed to the rope and said that this section, the two feet of rope, represented each of our lives here on earth. From the moment we were born until the red line was to symbolize our entire life. Everything after the red line symbolized eternity.  Amazing how short our lives look when compared to eternity. The pastor then went on to say that many people obsess on making sure the last third of their life is great, (talking about retirement). What so many people fail to realize is that there is an eternity after the red line. For us, this was a powerful reminder that life is short and that we shouldn’t just concentrate on making the last third of our life great but our entire life great as there is only so much of it. In the end, life is always shorter than you had hoped.  It helped us to see the importance of helping people make the most out of their lives by becoming financial advisors and making the most out of our eternity by strengthening our faith.

The second story illustrates how we believe it is our duty to call people’s attention to the pitfalls that are out there in the financial world and to point them to the right choices and options they have when it comes to their financial future.

A man was driving his car at night and the ground began to shake. It wasn’t long before he realized he was witnessing an earthquake and pulled over. Once he was sure everything was ok, he started his car back up and continued on down the road.  He made a left turn and started to cross a bridge. As he was thinking about what just happened, the car’s tail lights in front of him disappeared. He slammed on his brakes just in time to realize that there was no more road in front of him.  The bridge had collapsed from the earthquake and the car that was in front of his was now gone. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw more car lights coming up behind him. He jumped out of his car and started to wave his arms to get their attention, but to his horror, he watched as three cars went around him and plummeted to their death. Then he realized that there was a bus coming toward him and he started to wave his arms like he did for the cars, but knowing that it wasn’t enough he ran in front of the bus. The driver slammed on the brakes and opened the door to yell at this crazy man who was waving his hands and running in front of busses. The man explained himself and the bus driver and all the people in the bus were forever grateful for this crazy man who put himself in harm’s way to stop them from going over the ledge. The bus turned around and parked in such a way that no other cars could drive past.

There are so many cliffs and pitfalls out there when it comes to your financial future.  We want to be the guy who not only waved his hands but jumped out in front of the bus. Let us guide you down that path and point out the best options and choices for you.

Come be Uncommon with us.