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Year End Dilemmas

Year-end is when all the big questions get together and beg for your attention. Business questions like how much did we make? What do we have in cash? What about taxes? How do we want to grow next year, should we pay down debt? But then you need to layer in considerations for you and your employees around bonuses, salary expectations, and retirement contributions. Plus community impacts, charitable giving, tithes and a host of other things. Add it all together and what do you get? A year-end dilemma. 

In this episode we’ll help you sort out how to think about and prioritize all of these things, starting with the end in mind. A lot of this will come down to what’s important to you, what you value, but even then there are systems and considerations that can help you make sense of the madness and give you a tangible place to start. Most of these “problems” are the right kinds of ones to have, so let’s use them to their greatest impact. 

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