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Estate Planning

Thinking through the impacts of our absence in the world seems both a luxury and intangible compared to the problems and opportunities that we face in the present. But as our guest Charles Bottenberg reminds us in this episode, “Whether you have an estate plan or not, you have an estate plan.” The choice is between control or chaos, chance or intention. 

This week we’ll talk about all things estate planning, including what decisions go into an estate plan, the tax implications of your estate, and how to think about trusts, guardianships, and protecting those you intend to leave things to. Also, ways to structure your estate plan that allows you to still put boundaries on how money/property is made available to them, letting you still parent/guide them in your physical absence. Plus, some encouragement that all of this is easier than you may think, as long as you have the right help. 

To get in touch with Charles:

Email: cbottenberg@ahlerslaw.com

Phone number: 515-246-0335

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