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After moving to the Midwest from Louisiana, Stephen Smith knew something was missing…backyard BBQs. There just weren’t very many. And sure, the food at that type of thing was always good, but it’s the intentional community, the people, and the vibe of gathering that he missed. But how do you re-create that in the Midwest? The same way you do in the South, a party and a whole mess of crawfish. And thus, Cajun Fest Iowa was born, not only in service of the backyard BBQ vibe but also of a variety of local charities totalling over $100k in donations from the festival to date. 

This week on the show we talk to Stephen about what it takes to grow a community event like his from 100 to 1,500 attendees over the course of a few years and why it’s more important to know where you’re going than how exactly to get there. Plus, guerilla marketing, holding firm to your values so that your progress means something, and achieving a work life blend (vs. balance). 

Find out more at https://www.cajunfestiowa.com/