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Giving Yourself Permission to Share How God Has Gifted You with Kari Minter

When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s one of our favorite phrases because it is so true. But how do you pay the bills? You provide something of value people are willing to pay for!

In our latest podcast, we dig into that concept with our guest, Kari Minter. Kari has spent her life mentoring and helping women understand how to live life aware of God’s presence. For years, as a pastor’s spouse, she just did this as a member of the church as a way to give back—which was great!

But what if you could share your gifts beyond your local congregation or social group? That would be amazing. Kari’s gift is writing and speaking about discipleship and understanding the Bible more fully. Now she is using those gifts at Kariminter.com so not just her local church gets the benefit, but the world!

How has God gifted you? How could you share those gifts more fully with the world? Finding answers to those questions is what this episode is all about.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to use the gifts God has given you
  • Permitting yourself to use those gifts to earn money
  • Why a supportive spouse can make all the difference in pursuing your uncommon dreams
  • How to set up a plan to step into your Uncommon Life
  • Understanding your weaknesses and finding help in building your Uncommon Life
  • Finding balance in a relationship when one of you is pursuing an entrepreneurial dream
  • How to strategically build a value ladder
  • The importance of investing in yourself
“I was used to just serving and using my gifts in the church where my husband was pastor. It was freeing to discover it's okay to step outside the small “c” church and use the gifts that God's given you.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “There was a shift in thinking I had to make, from creating things for free to charging money for the content I was creating.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “I want to help people understand how you live your life aware of God's presence constantly and not just read your Bible, shut it, and then go on with your life.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “I'd love to start coaching one-on-one and mentoring women in a way that helps them unleash what God wants to give them.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “When you’ve never run a business, it can be overwhelming. So my husband and I developed a plan that pulled together small goals that I could reach over time.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “It’s been helpful to offer a free resource, and then an inexpensive, accessible resource that builds on the free resource. That has worked well so far.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “I definitely do not have it all together yet, but I am passionate, and I'm excited, and I'm chasing after it as hard as I can.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet “This is teaching my daughters that it is possible, as a woman, to make money doing what God has created you to do in ministry.” – Kari Minter Click To Tweet