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Uncommon Wealth Partners
Take Your Passion from Liability to Asset with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

When you bring a new mindset to something you’ve commonly done, you get uncommon results. Encouraging people to follow their dreams is not new. But how do you put a plan into place to gain traction so you can follow your passion?

That’s what we are exploring in this episode. There is a story about Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker that resonates with our approach to wealth management. We get into the details in this episode, but the crux is this: his passion was financially unsustainable until his advisor helped him with a mindset shift, turning his passion from a financial liability to a financial asset.

That is at the heart of what we help people do. In this episode, we use Walker’s story to talk about the challenges and ultimate rewards of investing in yourself. Whether life is smooth sailing, or you’ve lost your job, or are doing something you don’t like, or you’re living in fear, now is the best time to double down on your gifts and think differently.

And if you need help thinking differently or looking at your situation with a different perspective, that’s our passion. We’re here to share our passion with you and help you find a path forward with your own passion.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to move your passion from a liability to an asset
  • The mindset shift that can make it possible to build your passion into a business
  • Why making money doing what you don’t love is a hard slog
  • How to start a plan to move toward monetizing your passion
  • The art of feeding that Jumanji drumbeat inside you
  • Why entrepreneurship is becoming more and more prevalent
  • How to move from a side-hustle mentality to a business mentality
  • How COVID-19 is teaching us (once again) that the “safe” job may not be so safe
“You’re taught to go do something, make money at it, and then do what you are passionate about on the side. We try to turn that equation on its head.” – Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “The cool thing about this is the mind shift that happened with Paul Walker when his advisor said let's look at this passion as an asset instead of a complete drain on your finances.” – Phillip Ramsey Share on X “What we're trying to get people to understand is the best hedge against uncertainty is to build multiple sources of income and multiple assets.” – Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “Making money isn’t about just picking something random you think may have a good ROI. If it doesn’t interest you, making money at it will be an uphill battle.” – Phillip Ramsey Share on X “The yoke is light when you're doing what you're gifted in.” – Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “When you build a revenue stream from your passion, it puts you in control of your financial destiny.” – Phillip Ramsey Share on X “Paul Walker’s story is so inspiring because it’s an example of what we're trying to do as a firm and the message that we're trying to promote.” – Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “I think a lot of people are working at a job they don't love and they're not passionate about it. They’re trying to get to retirement and then do what they're passionate about. And we would say, have a mind shift, have a Paul Walker moment, and make… Share on X