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Finding Your Voice and Trusting it with Antoine L. Smith

There is a lot that happens between following your dreams and living your dreams. It is rarely a straight path, and there will always be challenges along the way.

That’s why we are so glad to share our conversation with Antoine L. Smith in this episode, who talks with us about overcoming adversity and finding the never-ever straight path to success in his field. We’ll ask some big questions, like: How do you do what you love, earn a living, and stay true to yourself? We talk about the big mentors in his life, and how he went from culinary school graduation to performing as Big Bird. There’s a lot to explore here!

Having performed in Broadway shows from Cats to The Color Purple, Antoine L. Smith is just getting started. Antoine went to high school with Phillip, where they performed on the same (championship!!) dance team. Antoine then followed his dream of making it on Broadway. He lives in New York City and is an Emmy award-winning Broadway, television, and voiceover actor.

Find him on Instagram: @antoinelsmith32

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to draw strength during times of adversity
  • Staying true to yourself and your ideals while making money doing what you love
  • The real cost of doing business in creative work like theater
  • Bringing the same energy to a task day after day
  • How to keep going after you’ve made a mistake
  • Ways of building residual income in creative work
  • Aligning residual income with your gifts
  • The importance of just being good to people
  • The crucial role of mentorship: being a mentor and paying attention to those who mentor you
“As a person of color in the predominantly white world of Broadway, you have to constantly remember why you are doing this, what you aspire to. That helps me keep going and it helps me find success.” – Antoine L. Smith Share on X “Performing can be a grind like any other job. But if you love what you do, you know you have to bring the same energy to every performance, even when you are doing 8 shows a week.” – Antoine L. Smith Share on X “As a performer, I’ve learned you just have to keep going, no matter what. Mistakes happen. And then you laugh about them later.” – Antoine L. Smith “As a performer, I’ve learned you just have to keep going, no matter what. Mistakes happen. And then… Share on X “This is a tough business. 1% of people who come to New York to make it on Broadway actually make it. 1%.” – Antoine L. Smith Share on X “I’m on Broadway, yes, but I also do commercials and I do a lot of voiceover work. Having multiple streams of income is so important.” – Antoine L. Smith Share on X “I will be forever grateful for my parents’ example of hard work and being good to people. You have got to be good to people.” – Antoine L. Smith Share on X