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Uncommon Wealth Partners
Jon and Hanna Shiplett

Loving what you do – helping realize other people’s dreams as well as your own – that’s what a good design/build team does.

On this episode of the Uncommon Life Project Podcast, hosts Phillip and Bryan talk with Jon and Hanna Shiplett. Together, Jon and Hanna own and operate Eden + Gray Design/Build.

Jon is a professionally licensed General Contractor with a background in welding, framing, trim carpentry, and property management.

Hanna is an Iowa State University graduate with a BFA in Interior Design. She worked as a project manager and commercial interior designer for 4 years before becoming her own boss. She is an NCIDQ (licensed) interior designer and before graduation received her LEED ID+C accredited professional a.k.a. professional tree hugger.

Jon + Hanna have a gaggle of children, and enjoy long drives with coffee. Hanna sneaks away from her design desk occasionally to take a ballet class, and Jon relaxes with a good book.

What you’ll learn

  • How working with your spouse can work!
  • Gaining skills to support your career
  • How to pitch the value of creative services
  • Augmenting income with real estate investments
  • Keeping priorities straight and having life/work fit together (we didn’t say balance)
  • Giving clients all the fine-grain details they need to make informed decisions
  • How to create efficiencies so “killing it” is not killing you
  • Making lifestyle choices to support your entrepreneurial drive
  • How through building and design, your work becomes a part of people’s lives for years to come

Golden Nuggets

“I would design my hamster’s cages when I was young – so there were some signs that design was in my future.” - Hanna Shiplett Share on X “A lot of times designers and contractors don’t get along. Being married, we have to get along. It’s been working so far!” – Jon and Hanna Shiplett Share on X “We do make sacrifices. But I haven’t sacrificed one drop of coffee!” – Hanna Shiplett Share on X “There’s a balance. You can design a home that’s too unique, and then it’s not sellable.” – Jon Shiplett Share on X “I get a little misty eyed when I think about projects where there are real families that meet. They're having birthday parties and anniversaries. It’s really special.” Hanna Shiplett Share on X “It’s fun to find something that is not cool at all, fix it, repurpose it and make it safer, more comfortable, more beautiful.” – Jon Shiplett Share on X “I don’t want to do a trend just because it is trending. I want to be on the leading edge.” – Hanna Shiplett Share on X “We have a passion for taking space and making it special for the people who live there.” – Jon Shiplett Share on X