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Gabe Glynn

Ideas are powerful. Ideas can sit in your head, or they can change the world. For developing your business and strengthening your financial well-being, how do you take ideas out of your head and get them into the marketplace?

On this episode of the Uncommon Life Project Podcast, hosts Phillip and Bryan talk with Gabriel Glynn – a guy who really knows how to generate an idea and run with it.

Gabriel Glynn is CEO of Makusafe and a serial entrepreneur. Gabriel’s startup journey began over a decade ago. In that time has experienced several successful exits, aka sold his company for a profit. His most recent was the selling of his software company Slash Web Studios in 2015.

Gabe was named 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Iowa Small Business Awards. He was named Alumni of the Year by Des Moines Area Community College and was a finalist for the YPC, young professional of the year in 2013. He has served on many community and non-profit boards and was a charter member of the Greater Des Moines Rotary Club. Gabriel is the creator and host of the Advanced Manufacturing Podcast and has interviewed dozens of manufacturing leaders around the globe, including Jeff Immelt, former CEO of GE Corporation.

Gabriel, his wife Amanda and their two boys live in Ankeny, Iowa.

Gabe has made a literal habit of generating new ideas every day. There’s a lot of great stuff to learn from him. Find out more about Gabe’s work at https://makusafe.com/ and reach out on Twitter @GabrielGlynn

What you’ll learn

  • How to make a habit of curiosity
  • The cost and sacrifice of entrepreneurship – go into it with eyes wide open
  • The role faith can play in entrepreneurship
  • The importance of choosing people you truly want to work with, not just the highest or lowest bidder
  • How to find an advisor or mentor who will push you, not just encourage you
  • How to find an unpaid sales force, a group who stands to gain by what you are doing and who will spread the word
  • What it takes to be a serial entrepreneur (it starts with a curious mind)
  • How hosting a podcast can get you on a jet with Jeffrey Immelt
  • The importance of coming up for air, spending time with your family, and being human
  • Why most product start-ups fail
  • How to leverage a source for residual income from the manufacturing space
  • How a piece of $30 technology can prevent workplace accidents and death

Golden Nuggets

“Starting out, I made every mistake you can possibly make. I took out a line of credit and bought way too much office furniture. And – this wasn’t that long ago – dropped $5,000 on a big Yellow Pages spread.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “What I've learned is that knowledge is something entrepreneurs underplay. Our experiences, successes and failures, help us gather knowledge that you can then roll into something a little bit bigger.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “My life has been startups. I like creating things.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “I try to spend a lot of time fine tuning the way that I view the world, people, and situations. So one of the things I started doing a couple of years ago, every morning, I try to come up with three new ideas, about whatever. Just three new… Share on X “I work in manufacturing, and workplace safety is a big issue. But it is not handled proactively. We have the technology to predictively and prescriptively prevent workplace accidents. So let’s do that.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “More than 1,000 people a day die in workplace accidents around the world. More than 500 people a minute are injured. We can do better than that.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “Hardware startups, where you can actually get the product to market, are incredibly capital intensive. Incredibly.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “Creating residual income is not about producing hardware. It’s about selling our tracking & analytics service. That’s a monthly service fee times however many units of hardware we have. That’s some powerful residual income.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X “There have been so many times I sit down, pray, and say, Lord, I need you to take control of this. Every time - I get an email, somebody calls and says, I have somebody you need to talk to. It’s been story after story like that.” – Gabe Glynn Share on X