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Getting Scared and Jumping In Anyway With Christina Moffatt

What happens when there’s nothing wrong with your job, but your hobby brings you and everyone around you so much more joy? That is a tricky spot to be in. Could your hobby be more than a hobby? How do you find out? Join us for Episode #39 of The Uncommon Life Project as we explore sweet success with our guest Christina Moffatt, Cupcake Warrior.

Christina faced challenges along the way, both large and small, as she built her business. She talks with us about how to not just shoot from the hip, but find the courage to jump in and take smart entrepreneurial risks. And when challenges come along, how to roll with those punches.

After working for 10 years in corporate U.S.A., Christina Moffatt decided she was tired of seeing people who had no happiness in their day. Her mission became to find out what makes people happy. The answer, she discovered, is cupcakes and dessert. A baker since she could hold a measuring spoon, Christina combined her culinary skills with her management and marketing experience to create Crème Cupcake + Dessert, which expanded from a home-operated bakery to a commercial kitchen in less than a year.

A graduate of Iowa State University and the University of Toledo CBA Program, Christina owns and operates Crème Cupcake + Dessert, and serves as the Director of Small Business Resources for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She also devotes her time and talents to many local boards. Christina has won several awards for her business including DSM Top List for Best Bakery, Cityview’s Best Dessert, Sweet Equality Best Dessert, runner up for the Iowa Mixology Competition and runner up on The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Christina has also been featured in Pastry & Baking North America in the Regional Showcase and Baker in Focus.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to understand your numbers before quitting your day job for a new venture
  • Why having your spouse on board is so crucial to entrepreneurial endeavors
  • How to scale from a hobby to a thriving commercial enterprise
  • How to manage start-up capital outlays
  • Delegating so the business does not become your entire life
  • The power of people believing in your concept and especially you
  • What to do when life hands you something that’s not in the business plan
  • How to find good mentors and become a mentor to others
“Do I jump in with both feet, or do I stay in the safe zone?” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “When you start something new, you’ve got to crunch the numbers not just for yourself, but for your spouse too.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “Hiring that first person was key because it allowed us to grow a lot faster. And as it happened, that person was my mom!” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “I went to seven banks and was denied. Some would think that was a sign to give up. But my family and some key people believed. Those people and a lender who believed in me made all the difference.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “We launched the brick and mortar store, and then I found out I was three months pregnant. That was not in the business plan.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “I gave myself permission to delegate tasks. And of course, I quickly saw that the people I delegated to did those tasks so much better than I could.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “When my mom had a stroke, my staff let me know they would take care of things while I took care of her. The business would have stopped if they hadn’t stepped up.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “Life is going to throw challenges at you. Life is going to continue to happen. You owe it to yourself, your family and your team to rise above those challenges.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X “Jump in. Jump off. Get terrified, and take a chance.” – Christina Moffatt Share on X