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8 Streams of Income with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

When most people think of income, they stop at earned income – the money you make in a paycheck from a job. We want people to think way beyond that in order to pay off debt, put a reserve of savings aside, and get your money to really work for you.

In our latest episode, we outline 8 unique streams of income. Big companies like Apple are earning money every minute. That might be a mind-bender but think about payday in your home. Does that happen once a month? Twice?

Imagine bringing money into your household every week. It has been said that an extra $500-$1000 a month would make an enormous difference for most families. It would truly be game-changing.

Listen in as we help you explore ways of doing just that.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • 7 ways beyond your paycheck that you can create streams of income
  • The difference between passive and residual income
  • How to create streams of income while you still have a day job
  • How to leverage your money to create streams of income now instead of waiting for retirement
  • Why you should look for ways to create streams of income based on your interests
  • How to create scale on different streams of income
  • How to think about ways you could gain income on weeks when you don’t get a paycheck
“Capital gains is simply the profit from buying and selling.” - Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “We want people to start thinking about sources of income on those off-weeks when they don’t get a paycheck. Thinking of weekly income that way is something you can wrap your head around.” - Phillip Ramsey Share on X “Ideally, you want to structure your income streams so you are paid faster and more often than the once or twice a month you earn income from a job.” - Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “Residual income sounds great. But you have to work hard to get into that residual area. It’s not just passive income. It usually takes some ongoing work to keep residual income flowing.” - Phillip Ramsey Share on X “For most Americans, an extra $500-$1000 a month in income would be life-changing. We want to show you some ways to do that.” - Bryan Dewhurst Share on X “When you have saved and are ready to invest, making an investment in something that will create more ‘now’ income gives you such a sense of accomplishment.” Phillip Ramsey Share on X