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Facing Challenges and Building Your Dreams with Ian and Christina Nelson-Johnson

Did you know that when a storm is coming, buffalo will actually turn around and run into the storm because they get through it faster whereas cows will run with the storm and stay in it longer?

That is what this episode is about – running through the storm. The Uncommon Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes we face challenges that, in the midst of them, seem insurmountable. And sometimes, the best path is through the storm.

That’s what happened with our guests, Ian and Christina Nelson-Johnson. On their way towards a perfect life together in Oregon, they faced several personal and professional challenges. They made the decision to face the storm and chase a dream rather than put it off for years to come. Find out how an uncommon strategy can lead to major breakthroughs in building out your dreams.

Ian is a trained clinical psychologist committed to working and providing an affirming space to people from all walks of life. His work focuses on the following areas: men’s issues, relationship distress, trauma, depression, gender identity, anxiety, grief, family of origin concerns, spirituality, and identity concerns.

Christina is a yoga instructor who has practiced and taught yoga all over the world—from a college class in Portland, Oregon to a sub-basement studio in Amsterdam to an ashram outside Sydney, Australia. For her, yoga is much more than positions to put your body into. It’s about connection with yourself, connection with the people doing yoga with you, and connection with your instructor. When we can connect and be vulnerable with one another in a nurturing environment, we can begin to heal mind and body.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to come back from career setbacks
  • Unlocking the potential you bring to challenging situations
  • When to consider taking money from an IRA
  • Why the Uncommon Life is not always the easy path
  • Options you have in pursuing dreams when your savings are limited
  • The multiple ways you have to invest – way beyond the stock market
  • Finding the strength to ask for help
  • How to think uncommonly about leveraging investments in yourself
“Seeing advice on a website would not have had the same impact as that advice coming from people with whom we had developed a relationship with over time.” – Ian Nelson Johnson Share on X “I think beauty can come from challenging times – in our case, it made our relationship so much stronger, especially as we headed toward marriage.” – Christina Nelson Johnson Share on X “I think the process of owning our story transforms hurt into healing.” – Ian Nelson Johnson Share on X “Show up. Be seen.” – Ian and Christina Nelson Johnson Share on X “Whatever history you have, whatever traumas, whatever baggage - we will see you for who you are and we are authentic and we hope that you'll be authentic with us.” – Christina Nelson Johnson Share on X “Young adult men, we struggle to talk about our hurt. It is often beaten out of us either literally or figuratively.” - Ian Nelson Johnson Share on X “We're all in the healing process together. That’s our approach to our work.” – Christina Nelson Johnson Share on X “When we have the strength to ask for help, that is one of the most powerful things we can do. It is courageous.” – Ian Nelson Johnson Share on X