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There is no shortage of pseudo-inspirational quotes out there about growth, resistance and overcoming challenges. They are the go-to decor option in the relics we used to call conference rooms and flow just as freely but slightly less faded on the lazy river of LinkedIn encouragement. And yet, they persist, our inspirational guilty pleasure, because the need to be lifted, to be reminded that our trials can lead to triumphs, to believe that there might be purpose in our defeats, and to see that we aren’t alone in facing them, keeps us from being overwhelmed by the things that seem like more than we can handle. 

This week on the show, Phillip, Bryan and Arron talk about the challenges they’ve had, what they’ve learned from them, and how they, in hindsight, can see how those challenges have benefitted them and helped shape them into who they are today. 

We’d love to hear your stories of how certain challenges have shaped you for the better. Shoot us an email at podcast@uncommonwealth.com with your story. Also, feel free to drop your favorite inspirational quotes on Phillip’s LInkedIn wall using the hashtag #ireadthepodcastnotes, might as well put those quotes to good use.