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Service Those Who Have Served

Service to our country creates a debt that can never truly be repaid. And the toll on those who serve can often be debilitating, making it difficult for veterans to re-acclimate to a life beyond service and the traumas that come as byproducts to protecting freedom. In recognition of PTSD Month, Phillip and Arron talk to Matt Oberembt with True Impact Outdoors, an Iowa organization focusing on helping disabled military veterans and first responders become active outdoors again. 

In this episode, Matt shares how True Impact Outdoors got its start as well as what it takes to get a non-profit up and running, including getting beyond the initial hurdle of fundraising. Also, they discuss the challenges that come with making the outdoors feel inclusive to those who have lost limbs or eyesight and the innovative ways they have been able to overcome those challenges. Finally, the fellas consider the real and tangible blessings that come from serving others and the added gift of perspective that comes along with it. 

For additional information or to donate, visit: trueimpactoutdoors.com