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Entrepreneurship is often a twisting, winding, surprising sort of affair. As Becky Pospisal, owner of the Knotty Nail will tell you, those surprises can come both in the form of challenges (as in adapting when your well-made plans don’t work out as expected) and blessings (like finding that folks really like your business). Although you can’t always prepare tangibly for surprises, they are, by nature, unexpected, trusting in your ability to handle whatever may come will often produce exactly that. 

Join us this week as we talk with Becky about surprises, how she got started with the Knotty Nail, and spouses who will say what they really think about the name of your business. Plus, using the SBA, creating lasting employee relationships, and transitioning your business so you can do the things you love doing and find great people to handle the other stuff. 
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