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In a market that is unpredictable at best and recessive at worst, sometimes it feels like the most prudent thing to do is get out and put your cash on the sidelines. But doing so can often be counterproductive as high inflation chips away at the underlying value as your cash sits and you miss out on opportunities to get in on securities that are at a short-term discount, especially if performance is more related to the macro environment than the quality of the underlying security. 

This week we’re talking to Kade Vasi from Clark Capital Management Group, who not only has some insight on why not to let your cash sit this one out, but also a view on bonds, bond portfolios, and municipal bonds that are worth your attention if you’re a high net worth individual who is looking for some less obvious tax-efficient strategies for your non-qualified money. Plus we’ll cover the history of Clark Capital Management Group, a high-level of what capital managers do, and how the firm uniquely serves individual investors as well as financial advisers and wealth managers. 

To learn more about Clark Capital Management group, visit their website at ccmg.com