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Product Placement and Influencer Marketing-More Accessible Than You Think with Stacy Jones

When someone you know and respect recommends a product or service, that makes a huge difference in your opinion of that product or service. The good news is you don’t have to be a blockbuster movie to utilize the power of product placement. And you don’t have to hire a Kardashian to gain the benefits of influencer marketing.

In Episode #33, Phillip and Bryan talk with Stacy Jones about the power and accessibility of influencer marketing and product placement. You don’t have to be a multi-national corporation to do these things. Stacy talks about starting her business and learning some hard lessons along the way that you can definitely benefit from in your business.

Stacey Jones is the CEO of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles-based marketing, branded content, and product placement agency. She has 23 years of leadership experience building global branded content campaigns for top fortune 500 companies, utilizing hundreds of brands including Blackberry, Bumble, Canadian Club, and Pilot Pen.

An acknowledged expert in the field, Stacy has appeared on top media outlets and spoken at conferences around the globe. She also hosts the podcast, “Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.”

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to transition from understanding a business to owning a businesses
  • Advice on hiring (or not hiring) friends
  • How to manage a business breakup
  • The importance of a robust sales system and pipeline to fuel ongoing growth
  • Basics of influencer marketing
  • Finding the right brand/product placement fit
  • The power of nano and micro influencers
“We had a client that made up 75% of our billables, who then went away. Now I know never to put that many eggs in one basket. You need multiple income streams versus one that makes up your majority.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “When challenging times come, the owner is going to fight to keep you to the end of days if you contribute to that business.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “I’ve started investing more in sales. I now have a strong sales machine that keeps income steady. That stabilizes your whole business.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “When a host does a live read on radio or a podcast and they are talking conversationally about a product, that’s one version of influencer marketing.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “There are all sorts of opportunities available for brands at every price point to heighten awareness and prestige of your brand.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “Product placement is about finding points of affinity between the brand and the show.” – Stacy Jones “When you are hiring an influencer, you're hiring them to be the copywriter, the producer, the photographer, the model, the editor, everything that… Share on X “If you think working with an influencer means tomorrow you're going to see sales jump, you are dead wrong and you need to just stop.” – Stacy Jones Share on X “I'm very much about education. I think that our clients and our prospective clients need to understand the landscape in order to be able to make wise decisions on how to use influence or product placement.” – Stacy Jones Share on X