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Live Your Best Uncommon Life Now with Molly Rose Speed

We love it when we can teach clients a core principle and they take it and run with it. We love it, even more, when they teach us about being entrepreneurial and escaping the cubicle of doom. Few are doing that with more energy and outright charisma than our guest.

On episode #32, we talk with Molly Rose Speed. Molly went from a corporate job she was not in love with, to running multiple businesses and side projects that are now keeping her very, very busy. She and her husband, Lance, used the principles of uncommon banking (using the cash value of a whole life insurance policy, along with the power of interest accrued on the total policy dollar amount) to fuel a truly uncommon life.

Molly has leveraged her experience as a virtual assistant into two business ventures; one teaching others the basics of being an effective virtual assistant, and the other as a total package resource that lets public speakers focus on speaking, and leaving the marketing, booking and back office details to the experts. She and Lance have other side-projects going on that we’ll talk about as well.

We dig into at least 3 sources of residual income that Molly and Lance are using to live the uncommon life of their choosing.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why there is no one right way to escape the cubicle of doom
  • How using even a spare bedroom for Airbnb can make a big impact on cash flow
  • How uncommon banking works in real life
  • Why the thing you are good at is often what the world needs more of
  • How to create businesses around what you are good at
  • Practical ways to broaden your reach with technology
  • How to manage multiple business ventures
  • Finding the right partners for the right project
“I was enjoying work as a virtual assistant. I was traveling the world, doing awesome work for really cool entrepreneurs, and I’d get the same questions about getting started. I finally realized I could teach this!” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X “I've mastered the business side of getting booked as a public speaker, everything from marketing to time and money tracking systems. So basically all the speaker has to do is show up and speak.” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X “If you have knowledge you can package and sell, there are so many platforms that allow you to offer that knowledge to whoever has interest and is willing to pay for your knowledge.” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X “Using the uncommon banking strategy, we paid down our mortgage so the interest and principal are flipped – the payment now is mostly principal. That’s a great feeling!” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X “I don't want to call it a safety net, but I feel like everything we've learned from UWP has given us room to try other things.” Share on X “It hasn't been zero to 60 business growth from the time that I left corporate America. Some of the work is just a slog, doing stuff you are not passionate about. But the overall trajectory? Super exciting!” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X “Being a military spouse puts me in touch with other military spouses. It’s been great because they can use the training and become a virtual assistant anywhere. It's been a cool blessing to give back in this way.” – Molly Rose Speed Share on X