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Being a 9 to 5 Nomad with Samantha Burmeister

Some people dream of a life that is a constant vacation on a beach. That is their travel dream. Others want to wander the globe trying to make connections and build understanding between themselves and the people they meet along the way.

Our guest on the podcast in our most recent episode is all about the latter approach. She has become a life lesson in following the Uncommon Path. She understood her ‘why,’ designed a plan, and made it all happen. It is a spectacular story that exemplifies how we try to guide all of our clients: follow your passion, find ways to monetize it, and live your dream.

Samantha Burmeister is the woman behind 9 to 5 Nomad, a resource for people looking to make the transition from location-based work to world travel. She has been an avid traveler since high school, catching the travel bug from her grandparents.

She found every study abroad opportunity possible in college. To pay off loans and start her next adventure as soon as possible, she did join the regular 9-5 life for a while. She took the plunge into full-time travel this past year and is not looking back.

Nomad Courses: https://9to5nomad.teachable.com/

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to pay attention to your passion, and plan your life around that
  • Understanding your priorities so you can make better decisions in life
  • How to monetize a passion for travel
  • The art and brass tacks of traveling solo
  • Why living your dream might cost less than the way you are living right now
  • How to listen to your friends when they call you out for making excuses
  • The phases you need to go through with your finances to follow your Uncommon Path
  • What it means to live as a nomad/expatriate/slow traveler
  • How to be a financially savvy traveler
“I started to wonder what the heck is this path that I'm on—this college to career, to eventual retirement so that then I can go travel—path? There’s nothing wrong with it, but I knew it was not the path for me.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “Ever since my first travel experience—a summer in France—I knew I was going to be traveling full time. It was just a matter of making it work in a way that felt sustainable for me.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “I don’t regret going to college. Somebody told me when I was in college, what you're learning in school isn't really what matters. It's the power that going to school gives you.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “It comes down to starting with your ‘why.’ And for me, my why was always about finding global connections.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “I made study abroad a priority. I traveled to 12 or 14 different countries before I graduated from college.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “When you have time freedom, especially at my age, people ask, ‘what do you do with your time?’ And I have to laugh because I spend my time doing what I love, getting paid for it, and experiencing the life I choose.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “To be an expatriate means simply you are spending time away from your home county. It can be for a period of time, it can be an extended period. It can mean you have moved on for good.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X “Exposure bias tells you that everyone is working a 9 to 5 job and getting—if they’re lucky—20 days of PTO. My exposure is people who live in their home country maybe a month out of the year and earn their living as they travel.” – Samantha Burmeister Share on X