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Being Smart About Following Your Passion with Keesia Wirt

We are all about following that Jumanji drumbeat—that passion you have that just won’t stay quiet—but that doesn’t mean throwing everything away to do it. So how do you turn your dreams into a source of income without upending your life and your current livelihood? Great question!

That’s why, in our most recent episode, we are thrilled to be speaking with someone who has walked this very walk. Keesia Wirt is pursuing her dreams while keeping her feet on the ground. She is growing a business based on her passion while remaining a key contributor at her day job.

Another wrinkle you may face is that your dreams and passions may seem a little bit strange. Keesia realized she had a passion for writing obituaries. Strange, right? She understands that. But she also realized what was underneath that passion; that the stories of the people we love too often go unheard. Keesia experienced the regret of missing those stories first-hand when she realized her grandmothers had “graduated” to heaven without her sitting down and learning from them.

That’s how Circa Legacy was born. Now Keesia (in addition to her day job!) owns and operates a company dedicated to collecting and sharing the stories that make up our loved one’s legacy. The story of this unique startup is one you do not want to miss.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Getting comfortable with niching down
  • Why it is important to celebrate loved ones while we’re all here to celebrate
  • How to become a storyteller about the life of someone you love
  • The importance of securing a URL in the process of naming your business
  • The importance of passing down values and not just money to future generations
  • How to create a “value ladder” from entry-level to gold-standard products or services
  • Developing a product you can create once and profit from indefinitely
  • Challenges and opportunities in fulfilling your passion while keeping a day job
  • How to have honest conversations with employers about what you want
  • Using cash flow from your day job to be smart about investing in your passion

To understand how to create a value ladder the right way, along with other key startup tips, download our ebook: https://www.uncommonwealth.com/resources/e-books/

“Every time I write an obituary I wonder, did this person know how people felt about them? Did they know how important they were to all of our lives? So I wanted to find a way to celebrate people before they are gone.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X “People ask me, should I just write my own obituary? No, I don't think you should. You're never going to characterize yourself the way your loved ones are going to.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X “The year we are all born immediately puts us into a tribe of people who share so many of the same cultural references, so you are automatically kind of bonded together.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X “My business was created because of my regret in never sitting down with my two grandmas, asking them questions, and learning from them. I don’t want other people to have that regret.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X “I want to give people the tools to go out and hear and record the stories of their loved ones so they have them before it is too late.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X I was interviewing for a job and told them about this side thing I was doing. I was ready to decline the offer, but they totally got what I was doing and wanted me to join the team anyway.” – Keesia Wirt Share on X