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Having Each Other’s Backs in Entrepreneurship – with Rashard and Adaeze Duncan

What happens when the person you are married to has entrepreneurial dreams, hates that cubicle life and has plans and ideas that go WAY beyond the 9-5 grind? It can be tough, to say the least. Without respect and understanding of each other’s perspective, things can go sideways in a relationship very quickly.

But it does not have to be that way. In our most recent episode, we explore the wild and wildly fruitful entrepreneurial path of Rashard and Adaeze Duncan. They have their hands in real estate, network marketing, an educational platform, and other projects. We call them a power couple, and that’s pretty accurate.

You can guess – it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Rashard took one look at the cubicle life after college and ran the other way. Adaeze was happy and comfortable in her job teaching. Until she wasn’t.

They have so much to teach about risk taking and having each other’s backs as a couple.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to maintain a positive relationship when one is a risk-taker and one is risk-averse
  • Building a career around your strengths, rather than jumping at the first and/or safest opportunity
  • What to look for and pitfalls to avoid in network marketing
  • How to thrive in a two entrepreneur family
  • Managing multiple income projects and income streams
  • Modeling entrepreneurship to your kids
  • Understanding your “number” – what you need to earn in a month to leave your 9-5
  • Finding mentors who demonstrate the results you are looking for
  • The opportunities open to you when you realize you are allergic to cubicles

The Golden Nuggets

“I'm a firm believer that if you're not in the know you can't be on the flow. If you're not informed and if you're not inspired, you will expire. The problem is most people in their place of employment will expire.” – Rashard Duncan Share on X “I was raised with the expectation that you get a job where you clock in, clock out, get the benefits and that was that. That’s where I was headed, and I expected that for my spouse.” – Adaeze Duncan Share on X “I was offered my first job out of college and realized they were going to stick me in a box. I respectfully declined that job. As of that moment I was on my quest to work for myself and become the entrepreneur that I am today.” – Rashard Duncan Share on X “I got a job teaching. I was in the box and I loved my box. I had no idea the amazing opportunity I would have to teach – after I gave up the box!” Adaeze Duncan Share on X “I'm a firm believer that I won’t just call anyone a mentor. You have to have results that I want.” – Rashard Duncan Share on X “I didn’t know how to dream. I really didn’t. But then I went to a network marketing event. I was around all this energy, and I finally felt like I could start dreaming.” – Adaeze Duncan Share on X “In the traditional system, my wife and I will retire at the age of 65 and the life expectancy of a human is 78. So basically, we would work 50 years to be free for 13 of them. I had an issue with that.” – Rashard Duncan Share on X “Thinking about leaving my 9-5 was scary. But once I made the decision, once I knew I couldn’t do this anymore, I got comfortable. I knew we could do this.” – Adaeze Duncan Share on X