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Everyone dreams of living an uncommon life. And the reality is- the best asset you have to achieve your dreams is you! Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast. We’re going to introduce you to people who are living uncommonly. We’re also going to give you some tools and strategies for building wealth and for walking down an uncommon path that is uniquely right for you.

Episode 174

Retirement Burnout

In this episode of the Uncommon Wealth Podcast, Phillip and Arron discuss the challenges of transitions in life, such as retirement or selling a business, and the potential for burnout and identity issues that can arise…

Episode 173

Overcoming Obstacles

Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast, where we explore the journeys of individuals who have chosen to live uncommon lives. In this episode, we dive into the topic of investing in oneself and overcoming the obstacles…

Episode 172

Simple Step: Do Something Hard

What is the hard thing that you are holding off doing and what would it look like to go after it? This Simple Step episode is our quick encouragement to head right on in to the…


After the Interview: Jeremy Smith

In this bonus discussion, we talk about our episode 171 interview with Jeremy Smith, owner of The BAR Performance Gym.  To listen to the original interview, check out https://uncommonwealth.com/podcast/running-a-gym/

Episode 171

Running a Gym

Sometimes, the events that seem to be throwing you off your path are the ones that lead to exactly where you need to be. For Jeremy Smith, those diversions lead him away from college in his…

Episode 170

College Planning Update

In the wake of some significant changes the government made to public student loan programs in July of 2023 (with more to take effect in the future), resident student loan guru Arron Cramer is here to…


After the Interview: Dr. Megan McCoy

In this bonus discussion, we talk about our episode 169 interview with Dr. Megan McCoy and our complex relationship with money.  To listen to the original interview, click here: https://uncommonwealth.com/podcast/financial-therapy/

Episode 169

Financial Therapy

Managing your finances isn’t just about holding, folding, spending and saving. In fact, how we approach money is often a complex web of our attitudes, desires, fears, goals, education, and relationships. This means that we often…

Episode 168

Simple Step: Just A Little

When you’re uncommon in the little things, you’ll often find that it spreads easily, impacting not only you but those around you. In this simple step episode, we’re talking about encouraging others, relieving yourself of being…


After the Interview: Rayma Dinnen

In this bonus episode, we discuss our episode 167 interview with Rayma Dinnen and how faith and “retirement” helped kick things up a notch. To listen to the original episode, click here: https://uncommonwealth.com/podcast/blowing-passed-the-finish-line/

Episode 167

Blowing Passed The Finish Line

What if retirement wasn’t the end but in fact just the beginning? What if it wasn’t the time to slow down but the time to kick things into high gear? The uncommon path generally tries to…


After the Interview: Joe Snook

In this bonus episode, we discuss our episode 165 interview with Joe Snook and his fishing charter business.  To listen to the original episode, click here: https://uncommonwealth.com/podcast/gone-fishin/

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