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Nadine Hawbaker

When the creative impulse takes hold of you, it’s hard to let go. And if you DO let go, you are likely missing out on some of the richest treasures life has to offer: authenticity and true satisfaction. These are lessons learned and shared by our guest.

On this episode of the Uncommon Life Project Podcast, hosts Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst talk with Nadine Hawbaker. In addition to being a delightful human being, Nadine is an accomplished artist born and raised in Iowa. She studied with Dimitar Krustev, a European schooled artist, for seven years.

She has works on permanent display in the State Capitol building in Des Moines. She has been honored to have her work commissioned by the World Food Prize, along with a number of corporate and individual commissions.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to fan the flames of your creativity
  • The power of making mistakes
  • Why, even if you cannot pursue it full time, finding ways to be creative is crucial
  • The power of understanding who you are and uncovering the gifts you have
  • Why boldness should by nurtured and encouraged
  • Passion and heart are not the only things, but they’re far from nothing
  • Opportunities don’t just fall in your lap – you have to pick them up and do something with them
  • Why just wanting to sell a piece of art for a lot of money is the wrong place to start
  • The importance of never flatly turning down an opportunity
  • What it means to live by the adage: enough is best

The Golden Nuggets:

“Making ‘mistakes’ and swimming through the mud are all part of the learning process, when it comes to art or anything else, really.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “One of my favorite quotes if from Goethe, and it’s something like, ‘whatever you can dream or think you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “If you're genuine and you're truthful and you're well-meaning, good things come your way.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “We're doing a disservice to our young people - well to all of us really - by not trying to understand who we are. Because we all have gifts to bring to the table.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “The very bottom line is be authentic. Be passionate about what you're creating and be sure to put your heart in it.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “Take every opportunity that comes your way. You never know what door you're closing if you don't.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X “It's just important to be there and be who you are. You will attract people.” – Nadine Hawbaker Share on X