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Heart on Your Sleeve with Lauren Thomas

Women entrepreneurs are faced with particular challenges. You are often raising families, and can sometimes feel a certain stigma for wanting something beyond that. But if you’ve got God-given talents and interests, why not use them?

Our guest for this episode, Lauren Thomas, was just looking for something fulfilling to do as her kids grew up and she entered a new stage of life. She thought selling bracelets online might be a fun outlet for her creativity. Well, the public responded in a big way, much bigger than she was expecting. How is she managing the business? What is new in marketing through Instagram? We dig into all that and more.

Lauren grew up in Colorado and now lives in Iowa with her husband and four daughters. She recently founded Heart On Your Sleeve, a company that sells personalized bracelets, and has found a passionate and growing audience.

See the latest from Heart on Your Sleeve at https://www.instagram.com/heart.on.your.sleeve/.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The power of a simple idea
  • The power of a supportive spouse
  • The telltale signs that you are a business owner
  • As a woman, embracing an interest beyond raising kids
  • The pivotal role a mentor can have
  • Growing not just a following but a business on Instagram
  • Why friends and family may not be your best starting point for a customer base
  • Living your faith in your business
  • The unexpected ways your work can touch your customers
“I soon realized I needed to reschedule my day and my priorities so that I could fill orders before the day even started. I recruited my 10-year-old and my husband. It was all hands on deck.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “I believe so much in God's perfect timing. I was done having kids, and the business was born out of what came next. I closed the chapter on having babies and this is moving forward.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “Filling orders started to take longer than I was comfortable with. I knew it was time to hire someone. I felt that burden lift and knew it was the right decision.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “When my business got to a certain point, I had to make a choice. I could get overwhelmed and back off. Or I could push through, do something uncomfortable, and take things to the next level.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “At first I didn’t invite friends and family onto the Instagram page. I wanted to see if it was viable without that support and, honestly, I didn’t want to be embarrassed if this wasn’t viable.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “These are just bracelets, but hearing the stories about what they mean to customers gives me such a sense of purpose. That’s been unexpected and rewarding.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “What I love about running my own business is that I can use my instinct. I can decide when I want to run an ad, or get inspired to design something new and just do it.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet “It’s sometimes hard to know whose advice to take. I’m not trying to be an influencer. I don’t need to show off my outfits. I like highlighting the bracelets, and that’s what is working so far.” – Lauren Thomas Click To Tweet