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Doug Shiplett

Living out your values is important to most of us. We want to align all we do with our core beliefs. It seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this episode of the Uncommon Life Project podcast we talk with Doug Shiplett, an entrepreneur, pastor and church planter who seeks to break down false divides between sacred and secular. With vision and purpose, all of life is sacred.

Doug Shiplett has been involved in the Des Moines business community since 2005. Initially through investment real estate with his company Antioch Investments, and now with his son John and daughter-in-law Hannah at Eden and Gray Design and Build, a custom home remodeling company, plus an exciting network marketing venture.

Doug’s faith based work has been extensive as he serves currently as a visionary leader of Coleo Church network, a church planting network based in Ireland, California. Prior to that focus, Doug served as Executive Vice President and Director of International Partnerships at BILD International through 2012. And after serving as a Senior Pastor of Crossroads Bible Church in San Jose for nine years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Living out your values in your career path
  • Aligning a faith calling with career, family, finances and everything else in life
  • Do you have to choose between “church work” and “business?”
  • How to move away from dividing things into “sacred” and “secular” endeavors
  • Putting your energy into the things you value most
  • How to course-correct when you have not thought very thoroughly about your finances
  • Setting passive income goals whatever stage of life you are in
  • Why network marketing could be a good secondary source of income
  • The low barrier of entry to network marketing has an upside and a downside
  • How to plan for the future when there’s no employer providing a “golden parachute” when you retire

The Golden Nuggets:

“I wanted to be someone that breathed life into people. I knew that my relationship with God and my relationship with Jesus Christ was how that happened.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “It's become clear to me as I get older the legacy I want to leave w/ my family. With that clarity you realize you have to sustain yourself. You have to be able to give your time and energies to the things of value to you.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “Whether you're a person of faith or not, whether your calling or purpose is connected to what you believe, a relationship with God or not, it doesn't matter. There's got to be a compelling vision in your life that drives you.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “If you believe network marketing is a fast easy way to success, that you’re going to make millions of dollars, and you don’t have to work that hard – that’s a complete misunderstand of what network marketing is all about.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “With the low barrier to entry with network marketing, some treat it like a hobby and get hobby results. If you treat it like a business and you've got a longer term view, you can make the most of that opportunity.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “Part of what makes network marketers successful and provides a platform for success, is that you really do believe in the value you're bringing to someone's life. It is not about me.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X “If I really care for people, and I have something of value to bring to that equation, man, it doesn’t get much more sacred than that.” – Doug Shiplett Share on X