If you have ever tried to lose weight or do something that is going to be hard to do, the number one thing you can do to increase your odds of achieving your goal is to define your Why. Why do you do what you do? If you can answer that, then when times get hard, your answer to that question will trump your reaction to give up or go back to your old habits. Same goes with running your own business. If you know your why, you will have more conviction, more drive, and normally better outcomes. So why do we do what we do at Uncommon Wealth Partners?

Phillip Ramsey started this business because he never met a financial advisor that tried to help him. Or at least help him in a way that felt like the help he needed. He met with four different advisors and each of them would try to do things to only benefit themselves. For example, they would ask, “How much money did he have to invest? How much life insurance did he have in place? How much was he saving each month?” All this so he could give that amount to the advisor for them to invest. Or his personal favorite, who did he know that he could refer the advisor to? He always felt there was a better way so he decided to become a financial advisor himself.

After four months in Principal Financial Group’s training program, he had had enough. “All they were teaching me, was to call my family and friends, sit in front of them and ask them some crazy questions to figure out what’s in their wallet. Kill one of them off, normally the husband, make the other cry and then sell them more life insurance.” He remembered thinking I don’t even want to talk to myself let alone my family and friends. Discouraged and looking for answers he called a friend of his, Bryan Dewhurst.

Bryan Dewhurst grew up around financial planning, learning and studying carefully, watching the industry and trends. In 2007, Bryan foresaw a market downturn and took simple strategies from his consulting and audit background to help business owners and families think more strategically with cash-flow and their ability to build assets outside of the stock market. Bryan wanted to help the little guy become more self-sufficient and enjoy the personal growth and tax shelter of owning a business. After trying it on his own for several years, trying to communicate the power of these strategies, he was frustrated and looking for someone to help him communicate this more simply. When his friend, Phillip Ramsey called, he answered the call.

That was the beginning of something different, something refreshing, and something uncommon. Thus our name, Uncommon Wealth Partners.

Our goal is to help each one of our clients in a unique way that takes into consideration their specific needs and cash flow. We thrive on giving people extraordinary options. We educate each one of our clients on the options and then we let them make the decision. Our passion and our why is to provide outside-of-the-box solutions for their day-to-day problems and put excitement back into their finances. We have the blessing of seeing many married couples working together for the first time with their finances because they have a plan that takes into account their personal goals. Our plans focus on cash flow and cash flow has very little to do with whether or not the stock market is up or down.

We also ask a lot of questions to figure out what is most important to our clients. Our first meeting isn’t even about money, but what our clients want to do with their lives. Here is a question that we ask at our first meeting with potential clients. What is your best asset? And it is amazing how many people don’t answer it the way they should. The answer is you. You are your best asset. No one will put more money in your pocket than you will so stop putting your money with other advisors and start working with an uncommon advisor that helps you put your best asset to use!