The Art of the Deal

One of the guests on our podcast recently was a gentleman that has had tremendous success in real estate by building a portfolio in a very short amount of time. During the interview he said something that I felt like I knew, but that I really didn’t appreciate. He said he doesn’t buy real estate with a credit score, he buys assets against other assets that produce cash-flow. This reminded me of our clients with not only a lot of money invested in the market but a lot of assets too. Yet, often times they don’t feel successful financially.

Utilizing our assets to secure other investments or assets that produce cash-flow is an art, an art that we want to focus more on at Uncommon Wealth Partners. The art of a deal is crafted from the side of the table that views assets in the right light.

All too often I think we are trapped in this mindset that is limited and linear, missing the forest for the trees. When we zoom out and see our assets listed vs. our liabilities, many of our clients are doing beyond well.

When we limit our financial awareness to only our income or our credit score, the idea of bigger deals and faster acceleration of our net worth and cash-flow seems limited or daunting, but when we look at them as a machine and putting parts (assets) of the machine together that produce cash, our upside and trajectory can change very quickly.

At Uncommon Wealth Partners, we specialize in helping people accomplish their dreams and we are able to do it faster and smarter because we see the value of your assets and what they can secure. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out the things we are missing. That is the fun part for us – to hear what a couple or individual wants in their life and thinking of Uncommon ways to help them get it.

If you are working on a purchase or want to buy something that may seem out of reach, we are here to help and show you that the art of the deal might be more in reach than you may have thought.