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Tortilla Challenge

Betty Garcia is a second-generation business owner and the driving force behind Sonora Tortillas. She has taken the reins of her family’s company to expand and modernize, infusing passion and innovation into the traditional tortilla-making business. Betty’s journey began with her family moving from Mexico to the United States, and she grew up witnessing the inception of Sonora Tortillas from her living room in Texas before it became the beloved brand it is today. As an accomplished businesswoman, Betty proudly bears the mantle of the “Sonora tortilla lady,” a testament to her commitment to bringing authentic Sonoran flour tortillas to a wider audience.

In this episode you’ll hear about Garcia’s entrepreneurial journey, how she overcame various challenges, and her vision for scaling the company that began in a home setup. Central to this narrative are the themes of family legacy, cultural authenticity, and innovative growth in today’s demanding market. Betty’s candid reflections provide an insider’s view of transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur, the intricacies of navigating family business dynamics, and staying true to one’s roots while embracing change.