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Uncommon Wealth Partners
Sharpening Focus

The journey from working for someone else to working for yourself can take many twists and turns. For this week’s guest, Dominic Bottenfield with AHG Insurance, that journey included getting a degree no one was hiring for, taking the business end of a nail gun to the head, getting fired as a gift, and finally deciding to take the entrepreneurial leap only to find out the fellas that were going to leap with him had to back out. 

Yet, family, oftentimes the factor that in prudence drives us to seek the stability of the steady paycheck, can also be our source of greatest encouragement and ultimately our leaping partners. Join us as we learn more about Dominic’s journey, the services he offers the world, and where he wants to go next. 

You can find more from Dominic at: https://ahg-benefits.com/