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Running a Gym

Sometimes, the events that seem to be throwing you off your path are the ones that lead to exactly where you need to be. For Jeremy Smith, those diversions lead him away from college in his final semester to a trying time caring for his dad during an illness. Then he found himself coping with life through drugs, a choice that eventually landed him in jail. But as Jeremy began to rebuild his life, and his confidence, in the gym, he also began to see a way forward. Through the renewing of his faith and the encouragement of others, Jeremy Smith would eventually find himself running his very own gym. 

In this episode, we discuss the hardships, hard decisions, and hard work that got Jeremy from college-dropout to gym owner.  Plus, his progress from 1:1 coaching to group sessions and beyond, a unique combo that makes up his business model. Finally, the power of the steadfast encouragement of a spouse and the importance of helping people build confidence along with their skills. 

To hear more from Jeremy, look for The Bar Performance Gym on Facebook and Instagram.