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The Transforming Power of FUNdamism – with Paul Long

Everyone wants a fun life and an optimistic outlook. These are the building blocks of the uncommonly good life. What are the roadblocks to this kind of life, and how do we move beyond them? Our podcast guest has some answers.

In Episode 19 of The Uncommon Life Podcast, Phillip and Bryan talk with Paul Long about how to keep fun and optimism front and center in our lives and in our businesses.

Paul is a motivational speaker and consultant who has challenged the corporate landscape for over a decade while engaging with audiences around the globe through his concept of FUNdamism.

With an infectious spirit and unique take on fun in the workplace, Paul has provided memorable experiences through countless engagements including workshops, trade shows, keynotes, and more. He was selected as the Kansas City Royals 2016 Fan of the Year. His shenanigans have been featured in media outlets like ESPN, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Paul’s FUNdamism philosophy is a deliberate approach to fulfillment both in the workplace and at home. His principles are proven to bring a higher level of consciousness, enlightenment, and F.U.N. to your day. While F.U.N. can be defined differently for all individuals, Paul’s core beliefs are based entirely on the following: a Foundation in guiding principles, Understanding others, developing Next steps.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The principles of FUNdamism: Foundation, Understanding, Next steps
  • What to do when your work environment is shaping you in a negative way
  • Staying centered and positive after challenging life experiences
  • Overcoming the challenge of loneliness as an entrepreneur
  • The power of experience as a motivator for all of us
  • Using purpose, praise, and progress to develop positive workplace experiences
  • The positive power of paintball
  • Creating great experiences for ourselves, our employees and our customers

Golden Nuggets

“Early in my career, a manager came up to me and said, ‘are you always this upbeat and optimistic?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ As I walked away, I recall that manager talking to my coworker. She said, ‘Give it time. This place will get to him.’” – Paul Long Share on X “The organization had problems, sure. But ultimately it took me leaving to realize that there was a part of me that needed to grow too.” – Paul Long Share on X “Just to break it down simply, everybody's looking for experience. That’s what motivates them. Whether they talk about money, praise, respect, whatever it is – it all comes down to experience.” – Paul Long Share on X “I try to live with more aspiration. I am not right now where I aspire to be, but I can see a path to get there.” – Paul Long Share on X “Start asking the question, ‘How do I create a great experience for all those that interact with my business?’ I’m talking about your customers; I'm talking about your employees. I'm talking about you.” – Paul Long Share on X “If you can generate the right experience – if you can stand for something as your foundation; if you can identify next steps in growing your brand and leading through purpose, praise, and progress – employees will respond to this.” – Paul Long Share on X “I'm not worried about money. Money will come. If you are healthy, if you feel good, if you have a great support system and you're doing what you love, the money just starts to show up.” – Paul Long Share on X