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Overcoming Obstacles

Welcome to the Uncommon Wealth Podcast, where we explore the journeys of individuals who have chosen to live uncommon lives. In this episode, we dive into the topic of investing in oneself and overcoming the obstacles that often stand in the way. Our guest, Kevin Lease, shares his own unique journey and offers insights into the challenges faced by business owners.

The Uncommon Journey

Kevin’s journey began with a baseball scholarship, but a torn rotator cuff derailed his athletic dreams. Undeterred, he pursued a degree in golf course management, only to realize that it wouldn’t allow him to actually play golf. He then found himself in the banking industry, where he quickly rose to a leadership position. However, he hit a glass ceiling and faced multiple rejections when seeking advancement.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Kevin embarked on a series of adventures, including a move to Hawaii and a career change. He eventually found himself back in the banking industry, but the desire to invest in himself and pursue his own path grew stronger. Finally, he made the leap and started his own consulting firm, determined to show his children that there is a different path to success.

Overcoming Obstacles

One of the biggest obstacles faced by individuals looking to invest in themselves is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Kevin emphasizes the importance of pushing through self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and finding the courage to take that leap. He encourages individuals to surround themselves with a strong support system, whether it be a partner, mentor, or coach, who can provide guidance and encouragement along the way.

Another common obstacle is the fear of financial constraints, particularly when it comes to health insurance. Kevin acknowledges that this is a valid concern, but reminds individuals that there are always options and solutions available. It may require some creativity and research, but finding affordable health insurance is possible.

Embracing Discomfort and Growth

Kevin highlights the importance of embracing discomfort and viewing it as an opportunity for growth. He draws parallels to the experiences of children, who are constantly pushed outside of their comfort zones to learn and grow. He encourages individuals to find ways to enjoy the process of being uncomfortable, and to celebrate the small wins along the way. By focusing on incremental progress and maintaining a positive mindset, individuals can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The Power of Belief

Ultimately, Kevin emphasizes that belief in oneself is the most important factor in pursuing an uncommon path. Without self-belief, individuals will struggle to overcome the challenges and setbacks that inevitably arise. He encourages individuals to shift their mindset and approach challenges with a positive attitude. By believing in oneself and investing in personal growth, anyone can achieve success on their own terms.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Investing in oneself and pursuing an uncommon path is not easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Kevin’s own journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. By embracing discomfort, overcoming obstacles, and surrounding oneself with a strong support system, individuals can achieve their goals and live a life of fulfillment and purpose. The future is bright for those who are willing to take the leap and invest in themselves.

In conclusion, the Uncommon Wealth Podcast is dedicated to helping individuals live uncommon lives and achieve financial success. By exploring the journeys of those who have taken the leap, we hope to inspire and empower others to pursue their own uncommon paths. Remember, the best asset you have to achieve your dreams is yourself. So go out there, invest in yourself, and live an uncommon life.