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Leading With Values

In business, your values are one of the only things that won’t lie to you. They anchor you, define your integrity, and outlast the low moments that tell you it’s all crumbling and the high moments that can get you chasing things you didn’t care about yesterday. Your values are sometimes your harshest critic and, as such, are often your truest friend. Your values are also often your greatest opportunity to spread your influence as they can still be present in all the meetings that you can’t be in, all the conversations between employees you’re not privy to, and can be the glimpse of what kind of company your customers are looking to work with without them ever picking up the phone or shaking your hand.

Drew Harden knows what it is to start and grow a business. Over the last 15 years, he and his partner have taken Blue Compass from a two-man web design firm to an award winning digital agency. But after a major win that effectively required that they double the size of the firm immediately, Drew began to recognize that the power of his own personality wasn’t enough to fuel a great company culture. They needed values, ideas that defined what was important, what they wanted to be for their customers, and the way they treated each other in the process.

Join us this week as we talk to Drew about digital marketing, values, and what can happen when your passion outweighs your fear. Plus, how to deal with employees who are acting outside your values, the power of a supportive spouse, and the possibility of working without stress.

You can learn more from Drew at DrewHarden.com