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Staying Grounded in What Matters Most When Things Fall Apart with Justin Wise

What happens when you start a business, it seems pretty successful from the outside, but is it sucking your soul away? What do you do when your clients start to act more like pirates? Entrepreneurship is full of a lot of peaks and valleys. Getting through those valleys can be downright brutal.

On our most recent podcast episode, we have a candid conversation with Justin Wise, who built a very successful digital marketing company from scratch, watched it implode, and found the wherewithal to start rebuilding again.

Justin Wise studied to be a pastor, but found the digital communication part of that life to be more suited to him than having the title “pastor.” He went on to start what would become a very successful digital marketing company called Think Digital.

The company went through a phase where things were, to put it mildly, not going well. Justin does not hold back in describing the challenges of this time. Some colorful and downright icky analogies are used. But that’s just effective communication, folks! Having things fall apart is an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. How do you come back from setbacks like this? How do you keep your faith intact? How does your family weather those storms?

For some solid answers and some great inspiration, our conversation with Justin will not disappoint.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How to build a business from your existing network
  • How to sell off aspects of your company and when that makes sense
  • Why protecting status is a barrier to risk-taking
  • The crucial role of supportive family and mentors to business success
  • How to monetize your expertise
  • Why communication with your management team is so important
  • How to pick up the pieces when a business dies
  • Building systems and processes so clients don’t walk all over you
  • How to find a financial path forward without losing your soul
  • Why people of faith should be more willing than others to take risks rather than play it safe
“I can look back at those first couple of years and realize how rare it is to be able to launch and grow a business that quickly.” ” – Justin Wise Share on X “Sales covers up a lot of problems. And I was just selling over our problems” – Justin Wise Share on X “When your team is not happy, your clients are not going to be happy either.” – Justin Wise Share on X “We were not vetting our clients, and they turned out to be kind of like pirates. Pirates don’t care who you are. They just want to take what you have. That’s what it felt like.” – Justin Wise Share on X “People have told me about their dreams, but they are too scared of failure to go after those dreams. I cannot imagine a worse fate than to stick with something you hate because you are afraid to fail.” – Justin Wise Share on X “People in business are good at asking, ‘what does the market need?’ But the first question should be, ‘what do I want?” – Justin Wise Share on X “Recently my main focus has been on three questions: What do I want? How do I want to spend my time? And, what do I want my output to be?” – Justin Wise Share on X “When you look at Jesus, he told his followers to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We’ve got the gentle as doves part down. The wise as serpents part needs work.” – Justin Wise Share on X