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Monetizing Your Passion with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger made his way out of the jungle with a jackknife. As a pioneer of personal branding, podcasting, and the networking talk show space, he found his niche as an entrepreneur before influencers were ever a thing. In this episode, Jordan joins us to explain how he forged his path to wealth by connecting the opportunities around him and figuring out how to monetize what he truly enjoyed.

Jordan is a Wall Street lawyer turned podcast interviewer with an approachable style and a knack for securing high-profile guests. His show, the Jordan Harbinger Show, was selected as one of Apple Podcast’s Best of 2018, and he also serves as a consultant for military, law enforcement, and security companies for the North California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

During our conversation, Jordan explains his journey into an uncommon life, where he created a podcast that is pushing 11 million downloads per month. He walks us through the timeline of developing a personal brand and breaking off on his own. And he also discusses the process of scaling his digital business so he could build residual income and plan for retirement. If you want to learn more about Jordan’s uncommon wealth-building journey, this episode is for you.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Jordan’s journey into an uncommon life
  • How Jordan grew his podcast to over 11 million downloads per month
  • How Jordan’s networking lectures led him to the podcasting space
  • When Jordan knew it was time to make the jump and pursue his personal brand
  • How Jordan scaled his business and built a team around himself
  • What Jordan has done to build residual income throughout his career
  • How to achieve financial freedom for retirement without becoming miserable
“Building a personal brand opened my eyes to entrepreneurship. It finally made me realize that there were real digital businesses out there, and that was exciting to me.’ — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “I didn’t get into podcasting so I could make money and sit on a beach; I got into it to read books and talk to smart people because that’s what I enjoy. The money is a byproduct of that.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “I want people to get comfortable with FOMO, because, in business, you have more FOMO in every single niche.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “Podcasting is not a bad business to be in, it’s just the slowest possible way I can think of to make money online.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “Now that I own 100% of my business, I can afford to lose a lot and experiment with investing in my business, while still being able to retire on time.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “A lot of people think retirement is going off to hit golf balls, but you’re actually going to serve more than you ever have. You just don’t want to be in a situation where that service disrupts your cash flow.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “During the hiring process, you often get what you pay for.” — Jordan Harbinger Share on X “In 2007, personal brands were just becoming a ‘thing,’ so I doubled down on podcasting and that’s when my business really started to take off. — Jordan Harbinger Share on X