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Give Me Three Months

Is this really going to work? Pursuing your passion and turning it into a way of life sounds great, but it inevitably leads you to the last final leap, the point where the reality of risk and potential of reward meet in the air as you spring forward. It can be intimidating! But just like Amanda and Aunica, owners of Premiere Dance Project, you come to learn that the leap is always progress, and having a friend to push you along comes with both its lessons and its blessings. But you’ll never know unless you take the leap and, like these young entrepreneurs, see if three months can change your life. 

This week we talk with Amanda and Aunica about how the Premiere Dance Project studio came to be, what services they offer, and the obstacles they faced in bringing their dream to life. Also, staying firm in the face of criticism, the perseverance needed to work through the growing pains of a young business and partnership, and how getting an outside perspective can help you solve problems more effectively. 

For more info on Premiere Dance Project visit https://www.premieredanceproject.com/