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Dropping Sandbags with Graham Brown

The sandbags that weigh a hot air balloon down are a more powerful force than the fire that allows it to rise. And even in your car when you have the pedal to the floor, giving it all the gas you can, the brakes will slow you down and bring you to a stop. The reality is that forward momentum is most often hindered not by lack of effort, energy or determination, but by the presence of distractions. Progress, then, as this week’s guest Graham Brown reminds us, is often less about turning up the heat and stomping the gas and more about dropping sandbags and cutting brake lines. 

Graham, an author, speaker, and founder of an award winning podcast agency, joins us to talk about his uncommon journey from selling insurance using phonebook leads to becoming an insatiable entrepreneur, world traveler, and ironman triathlete. 

You can follow Graham on Twitter @grahamdbrown

If you search Graham Brown you’re likely to find a very exquisite wallpaper company, which is cool if that’s your thing, but it’s not from our guest. 

Finally, check out this episode of the Revisionist History podcast for a fascinating look into the 2009 Toyota recalls over stuck gas pedals and how braking, or the simple lack thereof, reveals the disquieting reality of humans having a very hard time accepting the blame for their own mistakes.