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Doing Hard Things

The common wisdom is that restaurants are where money goes to die. But Toney and Sarah Chem have no room for common wisdom, they’re too busy killin’ it as the owners and operators of 5 Borough Bagels, a Clive by-the-way-of New York bagel shop serving bagels and bagel sandwiches that are unlike anything else coming out of the Midwest. But uncommon paths are full of uncommon challenges and restaurant money isn’t easy nor guaranteed.

This week on the show, the Chem’s talk about their perseverance in the face of hard things, including dealing with staff theft, stress, initial funding, eliminating alcohol, and readjusting to life after a pregnancy that changed them forever. Also, the importance of knowing your numbers, focusing on your customer, and getting the right help.

You can learn more by going to 5boroughbagels.com