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Do the Thing

If you’re going to do the thing, do the thing. If you’re Jeni Lee of Mac’d, the thing is creating a meal prep service that combines providing a tasty variety of food, making it easy to get, and ensuring it covers the balanced nutrients you need to meet or exceed your fitness goals. 

This week we talk to Jeni about how a three week span between jobs changed her career and life forever. Plus, how the desire to not feel arbitrarily limited in life, coupled with the gift of discernment, forms the entrepreneurial gut instinct that helps give you the ability to act in boldness even when it isn’t clear where the leap will land you. Also, we hear more about how she got started in meal prep, how her work is changing lives, and the future of Mac’d. 

To learn more about Jeni, you can visit her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/macdbyjl/