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Cybersecurity with Sheldon Speers

When you’re trying to get your business off the ground, the thought of protecting your data and systems against all the tech savvy bad actors out there may seem daunting. Making matters worse, a recent Forbes article reported that small businesses are targeted by cybercriminals over three times more often than larger companies. In protecting your company from cyber risks, when you don’t know what to do but you know you have to do something, that’s when you call Sheldon Speers. 

Sheldon is the Founder and CEO of Tenax Solutions, a security consulting firm based in Des Moines, Iowa created with the simple mission of protecting companies from cyber security threats in the modern world. In this episode, you’ll learn how his persistence and confidence in his solutions turned 250 unresponsive cold calls in his first 13 months into a growing, trusted security firm serving clients of all sizes. 

We’ll also talk about learning how to handle rejection, what it’s like to work with investors, the future of cybersecurity, and transitioning your role in the company to position for growth. 
You can find more information on Tenax by visiting their website, https://www.tenaxsolutions.com/