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Real estate investing with Chris Prefontaine

Real estate investments are the cornerstone of many wealth strategies and make up 3 of the 7 sources of residual income we teach. They are solid and dependable investments that can weather almost any fluctuation or challenge in the marketplace when done correctly. That said, making the most out of your real estate investments is about more than just picking the right property. You also have to structure the purchase correctly for the best financial gain.

Chris Prefontaine is a best-selling author and coach with 30 years of experience working in real estate. His team coaches investors on how to scale and automate their real estate investments without using their own personal cash, credit, or bank loans. He has literally trademarked a business model that benefits both buyers and sellers and he’s here to share some insights worth considering if real estate investing is part of your plan.

Beyond just the business of buying homes, Chris shares secrets to thriving in a family-run business, the single biggest thing that holds back investors, and some personal philosophies that can help anyone thrive in whatever they’re trying to accomplish.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The Three Pillars of smart real estate investing
  • Keys to avoid pitfalls in a family run business
  • The importance of transparency in deal making
  • How little-to-no money down real estate investment works
  • The biggest thing that holds back investors
“Two tenants for my real estate investing: don’t go to a bank for a personal loan and don’t do ‘one-payday’ deals.” @SmartRECoach Share on X “One of our values is clear, blunt, and to the point. No grey area. That’s not difficult when you live in New England.” @SmartRECoach Share on X “The three pillars we teach investors are the systems, the skill set, and the mental game. The mental game is a lot more than people think” @SmartRECoach Share on X “We disclose it all so the investors are along for the ride with us.” @SmartRECoach Share on X “Our net worth is directly related to the value we provide.” @SmartRECoach Share on X “There’s a win-win-win in our transactions.” @SmartRECoach Share on X