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Doing What You Love so You Never Want to Quit with Brie King

It is an ongoing theme in our work; we love what we do and we want to help others find what they love to do and create a sustainable life from doing just that.

That’s why we were so glad to get a chance to interview our podcast guest Brie King. It wasn’t long ago that Brie was living through some challenging times as her marriage ended. But that was far from the end of her story. After realizing she had an interest in real estate, she decided to take the plunge and use her newly purchased property to become an Airbnb super host.

We say it all the time: when you’re doing what you love, you will never want to quit. That’s why we love hearing about people who are upending the standard “retirement” equation, not waiting for that end of the rainbow moment, but going out and living their dreams today. That’s Brie’s story, and we’re eager to share it.

Brie worked in corporate health healthcare for six years. She’s a proud mom who owns and operates 3 cottages through Airbnb, and is in the beginning stages of a canoe and kayak rental service called Elk River Outfitters, along with her existing marketing company, Elk River Media in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to find opportunity in challenges
  • How to leverage things you already do and enjoy and create income from them
  • Ways to peel back the “entrepreneurial onion”
  • Moving from a retirement mindset to building time freedom, by loving what you do so much you never want to quit
  • Turning travel into R&D for your Airbnb
  • How to create opportunities for your kids to explore the uncommon life
“Challenges can help you really focus on what you want in life. They can help you rediscover what matters most.” – Brie King Share on X “Having more than one source of income—through my marketing business and my Airbnb properties—has felt like a big opportunity to take advantage of.” – Brie King Share on X “I’m looking at what might be next as far as other properties or just getting this Airbnb property running as smoothly as possible. The flexibility it brings is exciting.” – Brie King Share on X “I see the potential for time freedom for my family as I scale this business up, but it’s also something I never want to stop doing.” – Brie King Share on X “The coolest thing about this kind of life is you are leaving a legacy. My kids will grow up knowing that their path can be more than a job and the 401(k). It is giving them a different perspective.” – Brie King Share on X “When my kids see that so many people want to stay here by the river, I think that gives them a little bit of pride and they're proud of where they live. That’s a great feeling.” – Brie King Share on X “Scalability is unlimited. It’s just a matter of how much you want to do, and whether you want to do it or not.” – Brie King Share on X